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Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Repair in Jacksonville, FL – Call Us Now!

Ever since we opened our doors in 1975, Ocean State Air Conditioning has made sure customers in the Jacksonville, FL, area come away completely satisfied with the heating and air conditioning service they receive. We have no higher goal than ensuring that every customer receives the very best service possible and that their HVAC systems are maintained to the highest standards of excellence. There is a reason Ocean State Air Conditioning has thrived through good economies and bad, while other companies have shut their doors or faded away: We focus completely on customer satisfaction, and happy clients are what drives our business and determines our success.

New Installations

Those customers who have recently purchased units will find that our dedicated technicians can handle any installation. Whether it means adding new ductwork in attics and crawl spaces, or putting in all the plumbing and electrical components needed for a brand new air conditioning system, we’ve got you covered. Ocean State specializes not only in installing units but also in determining the optimum setup to provide the best airflow throughout an entire house. We will design an ideal airflow system for your unique home layout, then install it, and complete the work with a full-feature thermostat that controls every aspect of the system with simply the touch of a button. No matter what homeowners need, Ocean State can tackle every aspect of it, from start to finish.

Inspections and Tune Ups

If you have any concerns about the function or performance of your present HVAC system, then call and schedule an appointment for an annual inspection. Our skilled service people will thoroughly look over every component of your system and make sure that everything is in peak condition. We look for air leaks in ducts and help guarantee that your system won’t fail you during those mid-summer scorchers when you need it most. And as an added benefit, a yearly inspection will protect your investment by keeping you in compliance with the requirements of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our office is easy to locate. We are on Atlantic Boulevard between downtown and Neptune Beach, and we have been a part of the greater Jacksonville community since we opened our doors nearly 40 years ago. Though you may not have used us for heating or air conditioning repair in the past, you have probably seen our trucks driving around the streets of Jacksonville. And, when one of those trucks pulls into your driveway, it will be right on time and ready to take care of whatever you may need.

Contact us now to join our ever-growing ranks of satisfied air conditioning service and repair customers!

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