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A variable-speed HVAC system can change its air handler’s speed to match your Saint Augustine, Florida, home’s heating and cooling needs. While conventional single-speed air handlers work at just one speed and come on and off throughout the day, a variable-speed air handler works at a range of speeds. In other words, this type of unit can help you save energy, stay comfortable, and reduce noise in your home.

Energy Savings

Variable-speed systems cost more upfront, but the investment is worth it because it lowers your utility bills and increases the value of your home. Since these units are better at regulating your home’s humidity in the summer, they’ll help you and your family feel cool and comfortable. Heaters and air conditioners also help keep your home safe by decreasing excess humidity and preventing mold growth.


Most air conditioning systems produce a big blast of cold air right after they come on. It’s enough to make you start shivering, even in Florida. When the air conditioner shuts off, your home becomes and hot and uncomfortable. A variable-speed HVAC system usually works at full speed in the morning or when you come home until your indoor air reaches a comfortable temperature. Then, the air handler reduces its speed to maintain that temperature for the entire day.

Quiet Operation

Since variable-speed air handlers usually don’t run at high speeds, they’re quieter than most other heating and air conditioning systems. They won’t keep you up at night, make your TV difficult to hear, or startle you with a loud click when they start working. Many models also increase and decrease speed gradually, so you’re less likely to notice when your HVAC system’s air handler starts, stops, or changes speed.

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