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10 Ways You Can Save on Your Florida Energy Bill

July 26, 2022

If you’re trying to save money on your Florida energy bill, you’re not alone. With its wide range of temperatures throughout the year and heat lasting well after the calendar says summer is over, Florida is a difficult state when it comes to conserving energy. But even small changes and simple adjustments can help you reduce your energy usage and increase your savings. Here are 10 easy and free ways to save on your Florida energy bill and support a cleaner environment!


Turn off the air and open some windows

Anyone who lives in Florida knows that when it’s hot outside, it is hot outside. Keeping your home cool is one of the biggest reasons your energy bill is so high. Don’t sweat it. Save on air conditioning costs and reduce energy usage by setting your air conditioning to 78 degrees when you’re not at home—like work, weekend errands, and especially on vacations. This is the perfect temperature for keeping an air conditioner working efficiently while spending less to keep your home cool.


Unplug all electronics and appliances

If you turn off your television and computer every night, you’re already reducing your energy usage and lowering your Florida energy bill. But you can use even less energy by unplugging all your electronics when you go to sleep or leave your home. Most electronic devices and appliances draw power even when they’re switched off. Unplugging is a quick way to reduce your energy usage.


Schedule regular tune-ups for your AC

If your air conditioning is in poor condition and hasn’t been serviced recently, it could be running efficiently. That means your system will have to run harder and longer just to keep your house at the same cool temperature. But with regular tune-ups, your system will experience wear and tear at a much slower pace, and your system won’t have to use extra energy to keep your Florida energy bill down.


Close doors, vents, and windows

If you spend a lot of time at home, closing doors and air conditioning vents throughout parts of the house you don’t frequent can help make your cooling system more efficient. By not wasting energy cooling rooms that no one is in, it takes less energy to keep everyone comfortable, translating into a lower Florida energy bill for you and your family.


Turn off the water

If you live in Florida and you’re leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, shaving, or even getting a drink of water, you’re wasting approximately three gallons of water a day. Reduce your Florida energy bill by brushing your teeth before turning on the faucet or filling the sink with water before starting to shave.


Add some plants near your house

Quick: What’s a free way to block out the sun and keep temperatures a few degrees cooler during the day without using a single ounce of energy? Shade, of course, and there’s no better way to provide shade than some new plants near your home. In fact, planting trees over your outdoor air conditioning unit can increase its efficiency and reduce the amount of energy it needs to keep running strong.


Use fans instead of AC

Fans use a fraction of the energy as an air conditioner, and while they don’t eliminate the heat they are effective at maintaining cooler temperatures. Next time, use a fan in conjunction with your air conditioning system while letting your thermostat sit several degrees above where it normally is.


Cook outside

Yes, there are indeed some fun ways to save money on your Florida energy bill. Cook outside on an open flame or with your grill. You’ll reduce your energy usage by not using your oven, and you’ll be taking advantage of those Florida nights where it gets a little less hot outside.


Air dry your laundry

Hang your outfits on a clothes wire. Let your hair dry without the use of an electric hair dryer. Letting things dry naturally cuts down on your energy usage and will reduce your Florida energy bill exponentially. For example, a typical clothes dryer uses around 3,000 watts per hour. Cut back your electronics and dryer usage and watch those energy savings pile up.


Insulate your home

We’ve saved the best for last. Insulating your Florida home isn’t just about keeping things as warm as possible. It’s about temperature control, and when you use your air conditioner to constantly fight rising temperatures it’s using a lot of energy that could be costing you more than you know. Insulate your home and prevent the Florida heat from messing with the cool indoors.


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