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Since 1975, Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating has been the top heating and air company in Jacksonville. Whether you are in need of heat pump repair, repair an old heating unit, or have a unit you need installed, we are the people you turn to for work done right. We’re deeply connected to the community, and we’re one of the only family-run heating and repair companies that have been working in Jacksonville for decades on end.

New Heater Installation

Purchasing a new heating system can be confusing, especially when there are so many different models and available features. Many homeowners do a thorough job of researching equipment options, but it is important to make sure a heater is selected specifically for the unique conditions of your home or business. Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating’s heating experts are here to help. And, since we use industry-standard load calculations to size systems before installation, you can count on receiving just the right amount of power to keep your space warm and toasty no matter how cold it gets outside.

Selecting a Heating Appliance

In the majority of homes in our area, heat is provided by a heat pump or forced air furnace. Here’s a look at both:


Manufacturers produce furnaces that run on natural gas, fuel oil, or propane. Most furnaces burn natural gas since it is safe, cost-effective, and widely available.

Comparing the efficiency of different furnace models can be easily accomplished by using the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) standard. An AFUE rating is a numerical representation of the economy of the appliance while in operation. For example, a 98 AFUE-rated furnace exhausts only two percent of total amount of the fuel it uses as waste gas.

Heat Pumps

In the cooling mode, a heat pump functions according to the principles of the refrigeration cycle, just like an air conditioner. The difference is that heat pumps incorporate a reversing valve, so the refrigerant can flow in both directions. This means a heat pump can provide both heating and cooling from a single system. Heat pumps operate beautifully in climates like ours, providing reliable, affordable heating and cooling year-round.

Complete Heating Repairs

Home heating is a necessity, especially for the elderly and small children. When a central heating appliance malfunctions, it is important to hire a contractor who is skilled and experienced in every phase of heating repair and service.

At Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating, we staff our service department with NATE-certified technicians equipped with advanced analytic heating repair tools. Inside your home, we work rapidly to locate the faulty parts and restore your system to full functionality. Every customer inquiry is addressed quickly, and we provide 24-hour critical care service for extreme emergencies.

A Solution for Any Situation

It doesn’t matter what type of heating system you have in your home or office, or how big the space you are heating may be, we can service units of all makes, models and sizes. And, no matter what your situation may be when we arrive, Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating guarantees you will be absolutely satisfied with the service you have received when we leave. Customer service has been the key to our success since the day we opened, and that isn’t changing any time soon. Just give us a call for all your home heating needs.

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