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For people who live and work in Jacksonville, keeping their air conditioning systems in good working order isn’t optional. When the AC goes off in the summertime, a house or office can quickly turn into a broiling oven, and that’s not only uncomfortable, but it can actually be dangerous, as well. Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating helps your family or business stay cool during the scorching summer months by ensuring that your system is functioning at its very peak and that it is in no danger of cutting out when you need it most.

Saving You Money

Of course, keeping an HVAC system in good, working order isn’t only about staying cool. Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is needed to avoid frequent repairs, which can be extremely expensive, especially if several parts all fail at once. Additionally, occasional checks and tune-ups for an AC system will extend its working life, and push back the day when the homeowner or office owner will have to replace it and go to the expense of buying a whole new system. Spending a little money on HVAC maintenance up front will make for major savings over the long term.

When homeowners and office owners choose Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating for their heating and air conditioner maintenance, they can select from several different HVAC maintenance plans which are designed to meet the needs of our highly varied clientele. Based on the specifics of a building and its HVAC system, we will create a program that exactly meets the owner’s needs. This serves both to simplify their life and avoid the stress of an HVAC system blowout, and makes sure that their system is always functioning at its optimal levels.

Twice Annual Maintenance

For total assurance that your system will not run into problems, it is advisable to get it checked and cleaned by a trained professional twice each year. These checkups should be scheduled during the spring and fall, which will have the unit ready and raring to go for summer and winter, which are typically the seasons during which HVAC systems have to work the hardest. A quick checkup takes very little of your time, and goes a long way towards preventing the unit from quitting on you when it is needed the most.

Many customers worry about the cleaners that are used on their systems, and rightly so. The chemicals applied to an air conditioner can enter into the unit and then filter through the ducts and into the air you breathe, so it is important that any cleaner used on your AC is safe. Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating‘s cleaning chemicals fit all of those requirements and pose no threat to you, your pets, or any of the property inside your home. Yet, they are strong enough to tackle any dirt or grime that has built up on your system, and they leave a fresh, clean smell in your home or office.

Schedule Maintenance Today

If it’s time for routine HVAC maintenance, just give the pros at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating a call today. Our preventative maintenance plans help ensure your systems serve you when you need them the most.

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