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Maintaining a clean duct system is as important for the health of your family as it is for the health of your system. A clean system means that safe, easy-to-breathe air is circulating throughout your home. Ocean State offers some of the best duct cleaning services in Jacksonville, and is even offering a seasonal special of $150 off your duct cleaning when you schedule your appointment today!

Our Process

We thoroughly inspect your duct system before we clean it to be sure that it is in good condition. If we find that it is not in good condition or has what appears to be mold in it, we may recommend not having the system cleaned. Our “comfort specialist” will give you options for replacing any part of your system that may be of concern.

At Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating, we use the patented Abatement System that uses an advanced, high pressure push/pull HEPA method to clean the walls of your duct without getting any of the contaminants into the living area of your home. Our duct cleaning services include removing and cleaning the blower wheel and all of your air registers.

In addition to duct cleaning, we offer dryer vent cleaning services. Keeping your dryer vent clean allows your clothes to dry faster, saving you money on your electric bill and prolonging the life of the appliance.

After cleaning the duct system, our licensed technicians re-inspect the work to make sure it was done thoroughly and properly. If any problems are found, they will be handled on the spot to ensure your absolute satisfaction.

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

A neglected duct system can have an adverse effect on your family’s health and the efficiency of your HVAC system. Routine air distribution maintenance provides numerous benefits including:

  • Reduced HVAC Energy Costs: Dust, grime and dirt diminish the effectiveness of heating and air conditioning system components. Ductwork restrictions reduce air flow, which causes your system to work harder and longer to meet the indoor load.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): Contaminants trapped inside a tight home can aggravate a variety of respiratory ailments. Periodic duct cleaning will help keep your home clean and smelling fresh.
  • Reduced Repair Costs and Longer Equipment Life: The majority of furnace and air conditioner failures are caused by obstructions in the airflow pathway. Units that must compensate for a restriction accumulate more runtime hours, which can result in higher HVAC repair costs and a shorter equipment lifecycle.

Complete Duct Maintenance Services

When combined with filtration, ventilation and eradication, duct cleaning plays a critical role in a comprehensive IAQ strategy. The professionals at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating invite you to call and learn more about the benefits of their affordable duct cleaning services.

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