8 Inexpensive Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home
8 Inexpensive Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home

January 11, 2022

Indoor air quality isn’t just a concern for people with allergies. Observing better air quality improves the physical health of everyone in your home. The average American spends 62 percent of their waking hours at home, and with millions leaving the office to work from home remotely, that number will only increase in the coming years. Improving your indoor air quality has never been more important as it has a significant effect on your physical wellbeing in the place you likely spend the most amount of time. With a few preventative measures, you can improve your indoor air quality and start breathing a little easier. Here are eight inexpensive, do-it-yourself project ideas you can start today that will give your indoor air quality a boost and improve your health.


Keep rugs and carpets clean

If someone in your home is suffering from frequent headaches or respiratory issues, you might be at risk for poor indoor air quality. Rugs and carpets hold pollutants and allergens picked up by pets, shoes, and more. It’s preferable to use dry cleaning methods on your floors, such as vacuuming and sweeping, as often as possible because wet cleaning methods typically contain harmful chemicals themselves. At that point, you’re just trading one harm for another and not improving the overall indoor air quality.



Change your filters

One of the most effective ways to keep indoor air quality high is to use a portable air filter or upgrade your air conditioning (HVAC) system. But these machines can’t reduce air pollution if the filters aren’t replaced frequently. Before you turn on your air-cleaning device, inspect the filter and clean or replace them if they appear dirty. You should see an immediate impact on your indoor air quality.


Aerus Air Scrubber

Install an air scrubber

An air scrubber, or air purifier, can be added to your heating and cooling system. It works by trapping air pollutants like pet dander or pollen and destroys them with an electric charge. If you’ve cleaned your carpets and changed your filters, installing an air scrubber could improve your indoor air quality.


Set your HVAC maintenance on autopilot with an annual checkup

With air conditioners working overtime to cool your home during Florida’s long, hot summer months, your indoor air quality depends on keeping them maintained and running smoothly. Replacing heating and air conditioning systems can be expensive but scheduling regular tune-ups can extend the working life of an HVAC and keep you from having to purchase an entirely new system. Spending a little money on maintenance upfront will make for major savings over the long term and improve your indoor air quality at the same time.


Buy indoor plants to freshen the air

Plants are a low-cost, natural solution to improving your indoor air quality because of their ability to clean the air of carbon dioxide. In fact, many house plants can remove toxins and air pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene, that are commonly found in most homes.


Clean your air ducts every 3-5 years

Air ducts control the flow of air in your home, which means they can also inadvertently guide harmful toxins. But as air ducts take air from one area of your home to another, it’s important to remember that dirt and dust can remain trapped and build up over time. Getting your air ducts cleaned can rid your house of these unseen toxins, and extend their life several years over.


Control the humidity in your home

Mold and mildew thrive in humid conditions and greatly reduce your home’s indoor air quality. On the other hand, dry conditions contribute to dust build-up and an increase in airborne allergens. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor humidity should be kept at below 60 percent with an ideal setting at 30-50%.


Use cooking vents

Air pollutants require a moist environment. You can remedy this by using kitchen exhaust ventilation systems in your home, such as cooking vents, and improve your indoor air quality with the simple flip of a switch.


Through a combination of do-it-yourself effort and professional maintenance, you can improve indoor air quality and the physical health of everyone in your home. Contact us today to become an Ocean State annual maintenance member!


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