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Do I Need Maintenance for a Ductless System?

January 18, 2017

With their exceptional energy efficiency, ductless heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for homes and businesses on the First Coast. Offering both heating and cooling, they’re a money-saving choice for communities like Jacksonville that experience mild temperatures year round. When it comes to upkeep, the absence of ductwork makes them easier to maintain as well. Ductless systems still need routine care, however, to deliver optimal performance.

Protect Your Investment

Like conventional heat pumps, ductless systems use refrigerant to extract heat from the air and move it elsewhere. It takes the skill of an HVAC expert to make sure that the refrigerant cycles through the system properly. The tasks performed during a maintenance call help to prevent heat pump problems from refrigerant leaks to lackluster airflow. Other benefits include:

  • The outdoor unit and fans are checked for any airflow restrictions.
  • Evaporator coils inside indoor units are inspected and cleaned.
  • The refrigerant charge is measured and adjusted as needed.
  • Condensate pans and drains are cleared of any clogs or obstructions.
  • Electronics, sensors and controls are tested for proper operation.

Regular maintenance will thwart any developing problems. When you take care of your ductless system, you avoid malfunctions that could require an early replacement.

Maximize Your Savings

Everyone in your household will love the point-of-use comfort that a ductless system offers. You’ll appreciate the lower monthly energy bills too. Enrolling in a proactive care program lets you reap the full rewards of an energy-efficient comfort system. Well-maintained heat pumps use up to 25 percent less energy than those that don’t receive regular care. Your ductless system will last longer too, and you’ll avoid the unwanted costs that come with preventable repairs.

At Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating, our HVAC services let you keep more money in your pocket year after year. For more information about the benefits of a custom-designed service plan, take a look at our HVAC maintenance services. To discuss your options with a professional technician or to schedule service, call (904) 574-5619 today.

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