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Duct Cleaning – What’s It Worth To Your Health?

June 11, 2014

If you are concerned about improving indoor air quality, then you may be exploring different solutions for your home. In addition to considering mechanical equipment such as air purifiers, you may find that careful maintenance of your HVAC system will improve conditions. Regular heating and air conditioning maintenance is a critical part of this effort, but duct cleaning should also be considered, especially if there are signs of serious leaks, mold or vermin.

When Is Duct Cleaning Necessary?

According to the EPA, there are some primary situations in which cleaning of ductwork should be seriously considered. These include:

  • Excessive debris – If you observe particulates coming from your supply registers due to high levels of dust or debris, cleaning action is warranted.
  • Visible mold – Although you can’t see the interior of your ductwork very well, openings with indications of mold provide a cue to the potential presence of mold in out-of-view areas. Additionally, the presence of mold in your air handler is a good indicator of the potential for contamination in the ducts.
  • Vermin – If you are aware of insects or rodents having infiltrated your ducts, then cleaning is warranted to remove droppings and dander that can provoke allergies or spread serious diseases.

The EPA recommends duct cleaning on an as-needed basis to address specific issues that may affect your indoor air quality. Additionally, it is important to correct issues that could result in future contamination of your ducts. If you neglect the condition of your air handler, for example, then the potential for repeated mold problems may continue to exist.

Checking Duct Condition

During seasonal HVAC maintenance, a technician may point out issues that indicate dirty or leaky ducts. A thorough duct inspection may be warranted in this case, allowing for an evaluation of leaks, holes or disjointed sections of ductwork, all issues that could promote the contamination of your ducts. If damage is noted, these issues should be addressed as well to ensure that the infiltration of pollutants does not continue. Leaks can promote backdrafting, a serious concern if your ducts are near an attached garage or if you operate gas appliances. The infiltration of carbon monoxide can be deadly in some cases, and proper duct maintenance is important for addressing the issue.

Professional Duct Services

Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating offers important indoor air quality solutions and services in the Jacksonville, FL, area. We can evaluate your ducts for issues such as mold, leaks, dirt or other damage. We are available for cleaning and repairs at your convenience. We also emphasize the importance of regular equipment maintenance to limit the potential for duct contamination. Call our office to learn more.

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