Florida Home Maintenance
Florida Home Maintenance – Don’t Forget These Fall Tasks

October 22, 2014

We’re all looking for ways to save energy and keep our Jacksonville homes comfortable. This is why we’ve compiled a list of fall home maintenance tasks that you should complete this season.

Fall Home Maintenance Tasks

  • Schedule a tune-up – Although Jacksonville residents don’t typically have to worry about using their furnace too much during the fall, it’s always a good idea to schedule an annual tune-up to improve its efficiency when you do need to fire it up. Plus, a tune-up will extend the system’s life span.
  • Maintain good airflow – In order to maintain your home’s efficiency, proper airflow is essential. You can help achieve this by removing dust from areas such as your stove hood, ceiling fans, dryer vent, supply registers and cold-air returns. Also, make sure that your registers aren’t blocked by furniture, rugs or drapes.
  • Replace the air filter – The purpose of your furnace’s air filter is to protect your HVAC equipment from dirt and debris and help keep your indoor air clean. When the filter gets dirty, the furnace must work harder, which is why replacement should be done every one to three months. Inspect the filter monthly, and replace it when it looks dirty.
  • Install a zoning system – Upgrading to a zoning system that allows you to concentrate your heating efforts in separate areas that you designate can greatly reduce your energy usage. It also provides the ability to adjust temperatures in different rooms or areas according to occupant preference and characteristics of that room or area.
  • Test your generator – Many Florida residents know how important a generator can be. It’s best to test the generator now so that it’s in good working order in case you experience power issues this fall and winter.
  • Check above and below – First, check above and clear any leaves, sticks and other debris from your gutters and downspouts. Also replace any broken shingles you find. Next, check the crawl space under your home and remove any standing water to prevent the accumulation of mold.
  • Find air leaks – Seal leaks in your home’s exterior envelope as well as in accessible duct sections.

For more expert advice on fall home maintenance or other ways to improve home comfort this fall and winter, contact the professionals at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ve been serving the needs of Jacksonville area since 1975.

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