Poor Indoor Air Quality
4 Habits That Worsen Your Indoor Air Quality in Jacksonville, FL

August 10, 2021

The quality of the air inside your home not only depends upon your HVAC system. It also depends upon the actions you take on a daily basis. Certain habits can negatively impact the air quality in your Jacksonville, FL, home. Here are four habits that worsen your indoor air quality and what you should do to improve it:

Ban Smoking in the House

Cigarette smoke is harsh and full of chemicals that are detrimental to health. The best thing you can do for the air in your home is to keep cigarettes outside.

Reduce Pet Dander in the Air

If you’re noticing a sudden increase in allergies and have pets, it might be time to give them a bath. Regular baths keep pet dander to a minimum, as does regular washing of their bedding. If you really suffer from a pet dander allergy, it’s probably a good idea to keep pets off furniture and out of your bed.

Don’t Mask Odors

It’s best to get rid of odors rather than mask them. Candles and incense are two common ways to cover a smell, and they both release smoke and toxins into the air. Harsh air fresheners and strongly scented plug-ins both release chemicals into your home that can trigger allergies and health problems.

Clean Your Home Often

Vacuum and sweep the floors of your home frequently to prevent a build-up of air pollutants. Using a microfiber cloth to clean the home of dust is also helpful. Failing to regularly clean the home causes an excess of dirt, hair and other debris.

Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating offers a range of services that can help improve your indoor air quality, including duct cleaning. We also offer products like like the Air Scrubber by Aerus. Contact us today to learn more.

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