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Heat Pumps Are the Coolest New Upgrades for Cooling Systems

May 5, 2015

In case you have always thought cooling was strictly the job of your air conditioning system, today’s heat pumps can add a cool dimension to your HVAC. Additionally, a heat pump may provide efficient storage water heating, heat a pool and spa, and replace baseboard or other inefficient heating systems. If you’re looking to upgrade cooling or heating systems, keep reading to find out how a new heat pump can benefit your home.

Heat Pumps Handle Both Heating and Cooling

Conventional air-source heat pumps are essentially like a central HVAC system outfitted with a device called a reversing valve. The reversing valve changes the flow direction of refrigerant, which allows the heat pump to provide home heating in addition to home cooling. Since heat pumps use electricity and don’t burn fuel to produce heat, they’re extremely energy-efficient for homes in warmer climates — a design much appreciated by many Florida homeowners.

Features for Energy Savings and Comfort

To enhance home comfort and efficient cooling and heating to the max, consider the following high-tech heat pump features:

  • Variable-speed air handlers adjust airflow speed on the fly to precisely match the cooling or heating needs of the home.
  • Scroll compressors are the next generation of refrigerant-compression systems that are quieter, more durable and deliver greater efficiency and temperature control compared to conventional piston compressors.
  • Electronic expansion valves (EEV) use sophisticated sensors to deliver precise amounts of refrigerant into the evaporator coil for maximum efficiency.
  • A desuperheater is an add-on heat exchanger that delivers hot water for storage water heating, pool and spa heating. Expended heat energy from the cooling process is reclaimed and used for these water heating functions.
  • Zoning systems provide total comfort control for each zone of the home. Thermostats are installed in each zone to control modulating-duct dampers for each respective zone.
  • WiFi thermostats are the latest high-tech home automation devices that put comfort and convenience at your fingertips, whether you’re at home or calling from your smartphone.

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