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How Packaged HVAC Systems Can Work for You

September 15, 2015

Packaged HVAC systems are all-in-one heating and cooling systems, with all the components housed in one cabinet. You will be able to receive year-round comfort for your Neptune Beach home, from just one unit. These systems provide many benefits including improved energy efficiency, and work especially well for our warmer climate.

Types of Packaged HVAC Systems

Packaged systems are typically installed in a crawlspace, on the ground outside your home, or on the roof. There are different types of packaged HVAC systems. They are either packaged heat pumps, packaged gas-electric units or packaged air conditioners.

  • Packaged heat pumps use heat pump technology to provide heating and cooling. Heat is moved from your house to the outdoors in the hot months, and during the cooler periods, heat is moved from the cool outdoors and used to warm your house.
  • Packaged gas-electric units use electricity to offer air conditioning in the summer and natural gas to heat in the cooler months.
  • Packaged air conditioners work well in Florida where the majority of months are warmer. These units, too, provide efficient heating and cooling.

Packaged HVAC Systems Require Less Space

Often construction styles favor a packaged system rather than a split system. Split systems have both an indoor and an outdoor unit. If you have limited indoor space then a packaged system is ideal.

Increase Energy Efficiency All Year Long

Packaged HVAC systems offer increased energy efficiency while keeping your home comfortable. Our current systems offer a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13 to 16. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the system. The minimum allowable rating on residential air conditioners manufactured after January 23, 2006, is 13. You will see a decrease in your monthly energy bills with the investment in the more efficient system.

Enjoy Less Expensive Installation

Separate HVAC units mean extra labor costs when you have your air conditioner and furnace installed. A packaged system, however, requires far less time so you will spend less money on the installation process. Since most manufacturers ship their products already assembled, you don’t have to pay your technician to put together the unit upon arrival, either.

The construction of a packaged HVAC unit means that all the components are housed in one area. Not only does this make them easier to install and service, but it also reduces the potential for problems and damages. There are fewer moving parts and, therefore, fewer opportunities for something to go wrong.

Incur Lower Labor Costs for Service Calls

In addition to reduced installation costs, you will also pay less when you need your HVAC unit serviced. Professionals can access packaged units easier, especially when compared with units in an attic or basement. Additionally, your technician won’t need to walk back and forth between indoor and outdoor unit to resolve problems during repairs or preventive maintenance calls.

No Need to Worry About Appliance Compatibility

Between indoor units, outdoor units, heat pumps, and furnaces, you can encounter problems when one part goes bad and you need to find a compatible part. You will find this to be the case with split systems. If the indoor component goes bad, you will likely have to replace the outdoor unit as well, and vice versa, since they are a part of a matched system. If you go with a packaged HVAC system, however, you will not have to worry about compatibility issues. Incompatible units sometimes result in earlier wear and tear and increased system failures, which can turn out to be quite costly.

Additional Benefits of Packaged HVAC Systems

Typical central air conditioning units often generate significant noise. Packaged systems are designed for quiet operation. The systems come with dehumidification capabilities and this is especially beneficial in our region. To further improve air quality, they are compatible with air purifiers, humidifiers, and ventilators. The systems are beneficial to the environment as well as they use Puron® refrigerant which does not contribute to ozone depletion.

If you are considering a packaged HVAC system for your Neptune Beach-area home, and would like more information, contact Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating at (904) 574-5619. Our experts can provide the systems, advice and service that will help you to realize your goals of energy efficiency and energy savings. Call us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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