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How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

November 21, 2016

Low indoor air quality in your Jacksonville, Florida, home can cause flulike symptoms, eye irritation, headaches, nosebleeds, fatigue, nausea, and more. It can even aggravate asthma and allergies and increase your risk of cancer. Contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and mold can cause expensive problems if they get into your heating and air conditioning system, and they can even shorten its life. You can improve your indoor air quality by controlling the humidity in your home, cleaning your ductwork, and taking care of your HVAC system.

Control Humidity

Too much moisture in your home can encourage mold growth and attract pests. Many people are allergic to household pests like cockroaches, and some molds contain harmful mycotoxins. If you have any water damage, have it repaired immediately. Even a leaky pipe can cause mold and contribute to humidity problems. You can also use exhaust fans or a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your kitchen and bathrooms.

Clean Your Ductwork

Pollutants can build up in your ductwork over time and spread through the rest of your home. They often travel through leaks or gaps in ducts or air filters. You should have your ducts cleaned at least every five years for the best indoor air quality. To see if your ducts need cleaning, remove one of your air registers and look for a thick layer of dust, mold, cobwebs, or debris.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system can’t keep the air in your home clean without regular maintenance. Change your air filter once per month and remember to clean your dehumidifier often. You should also have a professional check your heater and air conditioner for problems at least once per year.

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