Wasting Energy
How You’re Wasting Energy and Money in Your Home

January 23, 2020

Did you know that you may be wasting a lot of energy in your Atlantic Beach, Florida, home? Learn how you’re wasting energy and money in your home this year. As a result, you’ll be able to take steps to reduce your utility bills and live a greener life.

Unnecessary Use of Appliances

You waste energy in the kitchen when you:

  • Cook on high rather than medium or low.
  • Fire up the oven to cook something that could be done in half the time using the microwave.
  • Use the microwave for something that could be done in the toaster oven.

Stop to think about how using smaller appliances can save you energy. As a result, you’ll conserve more energy and become a greener homeowner.

Washing and Drying With Heat

When you wash and dry your clothes, there’s rarely a need to use hot water or air. It’s an old idea that’s outdated and never was necessary anyway. The laundry detergent, agitation and circulation does most of the job. Switch over to cold water and air fluff. You’ll save yourself a ton of money on gas and electric every month.

Leaving Everything Plugged In

It’s a habit many of us have — you leave your lamps, DVD player and computer plugged in when you’re not using them. But did you know that appliances trickle electricity when they’re plugged in and turned off? Unplug when not in use; you’ll notice the difference in your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Using an Ancient HVAC System

Older HVAC systems are less efficient at heating and cooling your home. As a result, they require more energy and money to heat and cool your living space. Investing in a newer HVAC system will help you to conserve energy, cut utility costs and become a greener homeowner.

Do you want to learn how a new energy-efficient system can help you lead an eco-friendly life? Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating at (904) 574-5619.

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