Tuneup Boosts System
How an HVAC Tuneup Boosts System Performance

September 24, 2017

If you’ve noticed your HVAC system cooling your Atlantic Beach, Florida, home less efficiently, it’s time to schedule preventive maintenance. From improving energy efficiency to extending the system’s lifespan, find out how an HVAC tuneup can boost system performance.

Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest perks of preventive maintenance is that it boosts your HVAC system’s energy efficiency. When our team tunes up your cooling system, we clean the system inside and out. We also lubricate moving parts, check refrigerant levels and calibrate the system. Together, these steps help to optimize system performance and ensure your AC runs efficiently.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

When our experienced service technicians maintain your HVAC system, we also replace the air filter. We also advise that you change it at least every three months. This will keep dust and dirty out of your HVAC system as well as your home’s air supply.

We’ll also confirm that your HVAC system is managing common indoor air quality concerns, such as humidity and ventilation. If your HVAC system isn’t doing enough to moderate indoor air quality on its own, we may recommend an add-on, such as a whole-home dehumidifier or an energy-recovery ventilator.

Extend System Lifespan

Neglecting preventive maintenance can cause your HVAC system to break down, requiring a replacement sooner than expected. In contrast, regular tuneups can extend your HVAC system’s lifespan. That’s because periodic maintenance optimizes system performance and identifies small issues before they escalate. Our team recommends biannual maintenance for your HVAC system to ensure it runs smoothly and keeps your family comfortable all year.

Stop delaying HVAC preventive maintenance and find out just how much this service can improve your cooling system’s performance. Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating at (904) 574-5619 to schedule an HVAC tuneup today.

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