Enjoying Good Indoor Air Quality
Investing in Indoor Air Quality Provides These 4 Benefits

September 19, 2021

When the fall and winters seasons arrive in Atlantic Beach, FL, you’ll probably spend more time indoors. While you may not give it much thought during the summer season when you’re out and about, the quality of your indoor air can affect your entire life in many different ways. Improving your indoor air quality provides the following benefits:

Experience Easier Daily Breathing

Your body has to naturally adapt to the environment around it. When your home’s air quality is low, your body has to work harder to breathe in more fresh oxygen throughout the day. This can cause your lungs and heart to work much harder through the average day.

Remove Annoying Allergens

Unwanted allergens like dust, dirt, dander, pollen and other contaminants can enter the air inside of your home. Breathing in these allergens can cause allergy flare-ups and irritate upper respiratory illnesses. Investing in regular duct cleaning and system maintenance can allow you to remove a large majority of the allergens in your home.

Reduce Household Odors

Over time, various things throughout your home can create unpleasant odors. With the appropriate carbon filter, you can help to reduce odors throughout your home. The better your indoor air smells, the more pleasant it’s going to be to spend time indoors.

Enjoy Better Sleep

Most people are aware that during most of their sleep, they tend to breathe at a slower pace. However, when you’re in REM sleep, your body breathes just as fast and sometimes faster than your normal awake breathing rate. Having good indoor air quality allows you to breathe optimally while in your REM sleep cycle instead of battling to breathe with poor indoor air.

If you’re ready to enhance your indoor air quality, it’s time to call Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating. Let our experienced service technicians assess your home’s air quality and make suggestions for improving it quickly and efficiently.

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