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Pets and Indoor Air Quality

September 19, 2016

Have you noticed increased respiratory discomfort ever since you got a pet? Are your kids constantly sneezing? Pets may be great companions, but they also come with their fair share of problems. Pets naturally produce and track in allergens that can make living in your Jacksonville, Florida, home an allergy nightmare. Without proper cleaning habits and regular grooming for your pets, your little friends can negatively impact your indoor air quality by causing or spreading allergens and irritants.

Pets’ Effect on Indoor Air Quality

Unfortunately for humans, pets naturally produce a protein that causes an allergic reaction for many. This protein finds a home within the pet’s saliva, which is then spread across the dead skin cells of your pet when he grooms himself. Dander gets all over your furniture, carpet, and may even circulate within the AC airflow in your home. It causes symptoms including a runny nose, irritated skin, and sneezing.

Along with dander, pets also track in allergens from outside. Whether they’re rolling around in the grass or just walking around the neighborhood, they’re bound to bring those irritants into your home.

How to Breathe Easy

So what can you do? You don’t want to get rid of your pet, so there must be some other options. To reduce the effect of dander and tracked-in allergies, clean your pets often to get rid of anything stuck to their fur or on their paws. Vacuum carpets and dust furniture often. Don’t forget that sofas and cushions can easily accumulate pet hair and other particles. Regular pet grooming and a good cleaning schedule will help to keep allergens from entering your ductwork.

Pets are part of your family, so if you address their impact on indoor air quality, you can enjoy more quality time with them. Owning a pet doesn’t have to be a hassle. For more help with increasing your indoor air quality, give Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating a call today at (904) 574-5619.

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