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4 Reasons to Let Professionals Handle HVAC Repairs

October 11, 2019

Keeping your HVAC system running properly is important when you live in Jacksonville, Florida. When your system breaks down, you may be tempted to try to complete repairs on your own. While this may seem like a good idea at first, not bringing in a professional to do the job could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run. Here are four reasons to let professionals handle your HVAC repairs:

Keeps Your Insurance Intact

When you handle repairs yourself, mistakes can be costly, and payments made by your homeowner’s insurance can result in higher rates. If a bonded and insured contractor handles the job, their insurance covers any costs, not yours. Mistakes can result in big repair bills issues like floods, fires or other major problems. Hiring a professional takes the burden away from you.

Professionals Have the Right Tools

HVAC repairs require specific tools that non-professionals can’t easily obtain. It’s difficult to correctly do the job without the proper equipment. Professionals will always have the proper and most up-to-date tools to do the job right.

Refrigerant Can Be Dangerous to Handle

All HVAC systems use refrigerant to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Refrigerant can be harmful if it isn’t handled properly and disposed of in the recommended way. We don’t recommend handling these dangerous materials yourself. But your HVAC professional knows exactly how to safely dispose of refrigerant.

You Won’t Void Your Warranty

When you attempt to complete repairs on your own, you’ll void your HVAC system’s warranty. As a result, you’ll pay for the full cost of repairs. However, when a professional does the work, your warranty remains in effect and your next repair may be covered and paid for.

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