Winter Duct Cleaning
3 Reasons for Winter Duct Cleaning

December 21, 2018

Your home in Jacksonville, Florida, can benefit from duct cleaning. Winter is a great time to make it happen. Having your ducts cleaned is a great addition to your winterization process. It increases your home’s heating efficiency and improves the indoor air quality in your home.

Start a Winterization Tradition

As the weather gets colder, there are many household tasks that are necessary to get ready for winter. It’s easy to remember to bring in outdoor furniture or caulk a drafty window when you feel the first chilly breeze. But ducts are often out of sight and out of mind. By adding duct cleaning to your list of winterization tasks, it’s easy to remember to get it done before the heating season begins.

Increase Heating Efficiency

When you turn your heater on as the temperature outside dips, it might work overtime to warm your home. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, some of the warm air will escape before it reaches your rooms. Having your ducts cleaned allows more of the heat produced by your heating system to reach you. When your heating system works more efficiently, your home feels more comfortable. It also saves you money.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Most of us spend more time inside during winter. Therefore, it’s important not to forget about maintaining healthy indoor air quality.

Dirty air ducts prevent your HVAC system from pulling dust and other contaminants out of the air. As a result, it can make the air in your home feel stuffy and aggravate allergies and asthma. Cleaning out the ducts removes dust, debris and other particles from inside the ducts. It also improves the circulation of the air in your home, which can help remove the potential irritants from outside of the duct system.

Add a simple new step to your improved winterization process. Call us at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating at (904) 574-5619 to schedule your duct cleaning today.

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