Air Conditioner Needs Service
5 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Service

September 28, 2017

If you’ve lived in Saint Augustine, Florida, for long, you know how essential a reliable air conditioner is during the hot summer months. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when your air conditioner needs an emergency repair. But it’s hard to know what to look for at other times. Look for these five warnings that you need to invest in AC service as soon as possible.

Warm Air

For many Saint Augustine homeowners, an indoor temperature that’s higher than normal is the first sign that something’s wrong with your HVAC system. If you notice that your home isn’t cooling, we recommend checking the air coming out of the registers.

Check your thermostat to confirm that you’ve set the device correctly. If the thermostat appears to work properly and you still feel warm air, don’t waste time troubleshooting the problem yourself. Instead, call our team for service right away. Whether your air conditioner needs more refrigerant, a new part or a complete replacement, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.

Poor Airflow

If your home generally feels cool enough but you don’t feel much air emerging from the vents, your AC is likely experiencing an airflow problem. First, our team recommends that you check your HVAC air filter. These can clog if you don’t replace them at least every three months. An old air filter can also inhibit proper airflow dramatically.

If you replaced the air filter recently, however, another internal issue might be to blame. The system’s compressor could be on its last legs. Or your HVAC system’s ductwork could have developed a significant crack or leak.

Either way, your best bet is to call our team to investigate. Our experienced service technicians will pinpoint that ductwork issue or address any compressor concerns.

Excessive Moisture

Saint Augustine homeowners are no strangers to high humidity levels, but your AC should keep moisture levels comfortable and healthy for your family. If your home suddenly starts to feel humid or sticky, you might have a major indoor air quality issue on your hands.

We don’t recommend trying to address indoor air quality concerns on your own. They can get complicated quickly. Instead, call our team for service. We’ll determine whether your cooling system needs recalibration to handle humidity or if your family would benefit from investing in a whole-home dehumidifier.

High Utility Bills

Most Florida homeowners know to expect higher utility bills when it’s hot and humid outdoors. If your electricity bills are higher than normal or they’ve spiked dramatically, there’s a good chance that something has compromised your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Like air quality issues, you definitely want to leave efficiency concerns to the professionals instead of trying to tackle them on your own. From malfunctioning parts and outdated technology to significant ductwork issues, a range of air conditioner problems could be contributing to your high energy bills.

Odd Sounds and Smells

Strange sounds and smells coming from your air conditioner will certainly get your attention. But which ones are cause for concern, and which should prompt you to call for HVAC repairs?

As a general rule, we recommend calling for service any time you detect a musty odor, which may indicate a mold problem, or an electrical smell, which could signal a part or electrical wiring is bad. We also recommend getting service when you hear a squealing noise, which could indicate a malfunctioning belt, or when you detect a grinding sound, which often suggests broken motor bearings. No matter the problem, our team can solve it and give your ears and nose a break.

Need air conditioner service in a flash? Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating is at your service. Call us at (904) 574-5619 for emergency repairs, routine maintenance, and all your heating and cooling needs.

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