Poor Indoor Air Quality
3 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

May 10, 2020

Indoor air quality isn’t something you can see, but it’s certainly something you can feel. If you have indoor air pollutants in your Neptune Beach, Florida, home, you may experience several unpleasant symptoms. Watch for key indicators of poor indoor air quality so you can act quickly to ease your discomfort.

Long-Lasting Cold Symptoms

Cold symptoms typically clear up in a few weeks. If you’re dealing with congestion, headaches, coughing and a runny nose that last longer, you’re probably fighting something worse than the common cold. Poor indoor air quality causes many of the same symptoms as a cold or flu bug. If you don’t feel better in a reasonable amount of time, the issue is probably in your air supply. Consider adding a whole-home air purifier to your HVAC system to stop pollutants in their tracks.

Worsening Allergies in the House

Allergy sufferers often find that their symptoms vary with the location, weather and time of day. If yours are worse when you’re at home, it’s time to evaluate your indoor air. You may have microbial growth, excessive dust or circulating pollen in your home that’s causing your allergies to act up. A duct cleaning will help you get rid of irritants that have been building up in your home.

An Overly Dirty Air Filter

On average, you should change your HVAC filter once every three months. However, you should look at the filter once a month for signs of dust and dirt build-up. If your filter is visibly clogged at the one-month mark, you have an abundance of dust and other irritants in your air. Consider upgrading your filter or using another air cleaning system to get rid of these pesky pollutants.

If you’re battling symptoms of poor indoor air quality in your home, we can help. Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll help with all your indoor air quality needs so you and your family can breathe easily at home and avoid illness.

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