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Top 4 Reasons to Schedule a Spring System Tune-Up

March 20, 2022

Spring is often filled with overcast skies and rainy afternoons. But homeowners in Florida know that the spring is also well-known for being unpredictable, with temperatures reaching what feels like summer before cooling off after a few days. Scheduling a spring system tune-up saves you from getting caught off guard by surprising heat waves, and helps you stay cool no matter what it feels like outside. Here are four reasons why making a decision early and scheduling a spring system tune-up is the best decision you can make as a homeowner.


Extend the Life of Your AC System

Let’s say you haven’t scheduled a spring tune-up, and temperatures hit record highs before the summer is even here. You’ll be running your system at a higher intensity for longer periods of time just to get your home down to a comfortable temperature. That puts a lot of wear and tear on your air conditioning system. Cooling down a home works your system a lot harder than simply maintaining your desired temperature.

But with a spring system tune-up, you can keep everything working smoothly. The wear and tear will be at a much slower pace. And your system will be performing within its capabilities to reach peak levels of performance, not overworking to compensate for a surprisingly hot weekend.


Keep Your Home & Family Safe

If you’re on vacation or away from your home, there is nothing stopping a malfunctioning system to work improperly and overheat in a sudden heatwave, or shut down completely and cause the pipes to freeze over in a cold snap. The resulting effect could even be as serious as water damage, harm to the foundation, or worse – and repairs for these sorts of problems are often very expensive!

When you and your family are in the home, a spring tune-up could prevent harmful carbon monoxide from leaking into unsuspecting bedrooms while you sleep. A system tune-up helps you protect your family against dangerous gas and chemicals that are emitted from units in need of repair.


Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

The easiest way to improve your indoor air quality is by scheduling an annual spring tune-up. Ventilation is one of the most common ways that outdoor air, which is naturally less polluted and cleaner, is brought indoors. But a unit that isn’t regularly maintained by an HVAC professional won’t be performing up to its intended standards, reducing the amount of clean air that is circulated throughout your home.

A system that is operating up to its intended standard will be circulating the air inside and exchanging indoor air for outdoor air. If your unit isn’t doing one (or both) of these things, your home’s air could be more polluted than you realize.


Protect Your Warranty

HVAC warranties come in two categories—equipment and labor. You get an equipment warranty provided by the manufacturer and a labor warranty provided by the contractor. An equipment warranty is provided by the manufacturer and covers repairs or replacements due to broken parts within a unit. Labor warranties are offered by installation companies and contractors. If there is a mistake during the installation, and it affects the performance of your unit, you could be compensated in the event of an expensive replacement or repair.

Did you know that many manufacturers require proof of annual tune-ups for their warranty? Your unit could be protected under warranty only if it undergoes regular maintenance from a licensed technician. And scheduling a scheduled spring system tune-up could save you costly repairs or the hassle of having to replace a unit that is malfunctioning.


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