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3 Unique Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in the Springtime

March 23, 2019

With the cooler weather well behind you, it’s important to improve your home’s indoor air quality this spring. February through April is the most severe part of the year for pollen in Florida. It’s especially aggravating if you suffer from allergies or asthma. Keep reading to learn about three unique ways to improve the indoor air quality in your Jacksonville, Florida, home during the springtime.

Change the Air Filter

Dirt, dust and other airborne particles collect on the HVAC’s air filter. As a result, they impede airflow and increase your cooling expenses. A dirty filter is a good sign that it’s performing its job. However, you must change it once a month to maintain effective air filtration. Enroll in the Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating Filter Club to enjoy automated service delivery of air filters, which makes it simple to improve indoor air quality.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

There’s a lot of grime that builds up on the HVAC system and inside your home’s ductwork during the heating season. These airborne pollutants continue to circulate throughout the house when you turn on the air conditioner. With a professional cleaning, the AC system will cool your home with cleaner air. We recommend scheduling HVAC maintenance in the spring to prepare your air conditioner for the cooling season.

Install an Air Purifier

The Comfort EZ Flex Cabinet Air Filter EZXCAB uses a high-efficiency filter to provide whole-home air filtration. Thanks to its deep-pleated style, the unit’s MERV 10 filter optimizes airflow. It removes up to 65 percent of airborne pollutants that are as small as 1.0 micron.

For an even more advanced air purification system that removes 13 different types of pathogens, check out the Infinity Air Purifier GAPA. This air purifier uses an electrical charge to demolish the cell walls of the pathogens that come into contact with its filter.

Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating specializes in a variety of indoor air quality services. Contact us today at (904) 574-5619 to learn more about our advanced indoor air quality systems. We’ll make sure you’re breathing clean air in your home.

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