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3 Useful Smart Thermostat Features

November 25, 2018

A smart thermostat can automatically change the temperature in your Jacksonville, Florida, home. Most models also allow you to choose different settings for every day of the week. That way, you won’t have to remember to turn your HVAC system down when you leave your home or go to sleep. You can save power and lower your utility bills. Here are three more useful features that smart thermostats offer:

Remote Access

You can control a smart thermostat from your computer or smartphone. By doing so, you can make last-minute programming changes from anywhere. You can even use your smart thermostat as a hub to control other smart technology in your home, including:

  • Smart locks
  • Motion sensors
  • Cameras
  • Security lights

Adaptive Learning

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time programming the settings on your smart thermostat, choose a model that can learn your routine on its own over time. When many of these devices interface with motion sensors or other technology, they can use the information they gain to learn your family’s schedule. You can choose your temperature preferences with minimal programming, and you’ll enjoy optimal energy savings.

HVAC Zoning

With HVAC zoning, your smart thermostat can control different areas or zones. You won’t have to heat or cool empty rooms, and everyone can choose the temperature that’s most comfortable for them in the areas they use the most. As a result, you’ll save energy and money.

Some HVAC zoning systems have dampers in their ductwork to direct conditioned air where you need it. Others, like ductless systems, contain two or more indoor air handlers. You can keep guests and kids from making unauthorized changes by requiring a password for thermostat adjustments. As a result, you’ll prevent them from playing with the thermostat and driving up the energy bill.

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