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UV Lamps Versus Air Cleaners: Which Is Most Effective?

March 15, 2016

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If your Jacksonville, Florida, home suffers from poor indoor air quality (IAQ), both UV lamps and air cleaners offer an affordable, effective solution. Each appliance helps rid your home of pollutants and allergens that could trigger asthma symptoms and irritate your allergies, but which is best? Use the following guide to compare UV lamps and air cleaners for your home’s IAQ needs.

Whole-Home Air Cleaners and Purifiers

A whole-home air cleaner or purifier tackles all the air that your HVAC system produces. The Infinity Air Purifier for example, can neutralize up to 95 percent of pathogens in your home, which includes mold spores, bacteria, virus particles, allergens, and other microscopic invaders. An air cleaner is larger than a UV lamp, which means it takes up more space, but many can fit well in tight spaces.

Air purifiers often tackle larger groups of irritants and pollutants than UV lamps. Most use an electrical charge to render pollutants harmless so you don’t have to breathe them in.

UV Lamps

The indoor coils on your HVAC unit can breed mold, mildew, bacteria, and other pollutants. A UV lamp destroys those irritants so they don’t grow and spread throughout your home via the air your HVAC system produces. Additionally, these products help promote airflow by reducing clogs created by bacteria on the coils and in the drain pan.

UV lamps are much smaller than air cleaners, which makes them more desirable for small spaces. However, they are chiefly used to address pollutants that originate on or near the indoor coils on your air conditioning unit.

Choosing a Solution

Both UV lamps and air cleaners have proven to be very effective. Air cleaners are ideal for homeowners who want a more comprehensive solution to IAQ issues — especially those who suffer from asthma or allergies. UV lamps, on the other hand, work well for promoting air flow and stopping mold growth at its source.

One of our trained IAQ experts can help you to select a UV lamp or air cleaner based on your specific needs. Give Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating a call today at (904) 574-5619 to schedule an appointment.

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