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What Is Flex Ductwork?

May 26, 2017

You’ve probably seen flex ductwork in a Jacksonville, Florida, business or residential construction, but didn’t pay much attention to what you were looking at. If you’re thinking of having your ductwork redone, learn a few things about flex ductwork, like how it’s insulated and the installation issues and perks that go along with it.

Flexible, but With Limitations

Flex ductwork is a long ductwork tube that fits more flexibly into awkward home spaces than rigid ductwork. Many HVAC contractors will combine rigid and flex ductwork to create a duct network that fits the space the house provides. Though flex ductwork is easier to install, it should never bend at more than a right angle and also needs to be properly supported. That means no dips or bends if it moves along an attic ceiling, for example.

Insulation With Fiberglass

The exterior of flex ductwork is made of metal, but the interior is where the real benefits lie. Flex ductwork usually has fiberglass insulation, which gives it between an R4 and R6 value for keeping your treated air at the right temperature. As long as the flex ductwork is installed correctly, this insulation ensures good energy efficiency.

Installed Where Ductwork Isn’t Visible

You almost never see flex ductwork in the living spaces of houses. Even in closets or other spots where ducts might be available, you commonly see rigid ductwork. Attics, crawl spaces, and within roofs are where flex ductwork resides. Using the beams of a roof, plus some extra support, is one way to make sure the flex ductwork isn’t sagging or bowing anywhere. Plus, you shouldn’t see good ductwork anyway.

Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating is your resource for quality flex ductwork installation. We check your ductwork during maintenance appointments, so we’ll tell you if your flex or rigid ducts need repairs. Call us at (904) 574-5619 to schedule a duct cleaning, HVAC maintenance, or to have a technician over to look at your current ductwork.

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