What is Flex Ductwork & What are the Benefits?
What is Flex Ductwork & What Are The Benefits?

May 1, 2023

Flex ductwork is common in both residential and commercial construction in Jacksonville. There are so many benefits to flex ductwork when compared to metal or regular ductwork and not the least of which is because flex ductwork is exactly what its name suggests…flexible! The Ocean State team of skilled HVAC pros has installed flex ductwork into every kind of home on the First Coast so we wanted to take some time to explain the benefits of installing it in your home or business in Jacksonville.

What Is Flex Ductwork?

Unlike regular ductwork, Flex ductwork’s flexibility allows it to maneuver throughout every awkward angle, nook, and corner that metal ductwork cannot. As a series of long tubes, flex ductwork connects your cooling and heating systems to efficiently distribute air throughout your house and can be utilized alongside any existing ductwork. These tubes allow for optimal connectivity, easy cleaning, and seamless air distribution by being far less rigid than standard metal ductwork.

Fiberglass Insulation

While the exterior of flex ductwork is constructed with metal, it’s the fiberglass interior that really provides the maximum benefit. Flex ductwork usually has fiberglass insulation, which gives it between an R4 and R6 value for keeping your treated air at the right temperature. As long as the flex ductwork is installed correctly (and we’re batting .1000 at Ocean State!), then the fiberglass insulation will ensure optimal energy efficiency which in turn saves you money in the long run.

Flex Ductwork Is Almost Always Invisible

Remember that time you noticed flex ductwork in a Jacksonville home? We didn’t think so and that’s because flex ductwork almost always wears a cloak of invisibility! Unlike with the standard, rigid ductwork, you’ll never have to worry about something unsightly or out of place with flex ductwork because it’s almost always installed in Attics, crawl spaces, closets, and within roofs. Flex ductwork installed in the beams of your roof is an easy way to make sure the flex ductwork isn’t sagging or bowing anywhere.

It’s Less Expensive To Install Flex Ductwork

In addition to saving you money on energy bills in the long run, flex ductwork is much cheaper to install than metal ductwork. If you’re working with a smaller budget then flex ductwork is a no-brainer because it’s far and away the most efficient way to install ductwork in your home. While it is far less expensive to install, keep in mind that you need a skilled team to implement it correctly or you risk having dips and bends in your ceiling or within your home. The contours of every home are different but our Ocean State team prides itself on providing superior service and our reputation for excellence is evident in our five-star rating on Google.

Simply put, if you see flex ductwork anywhere around your home then it means the installer has not done a great job. At Ocean State, our skilled team of Jacksonville HVAC technicians has successfully installed flex ductwork all over the First Coast–whether that’s installing new flex ductwork or combining it with the existing metal ducts. If you’re ready to become more energy efficient, improve your air distribution, or just looking for an expert consultation, give the Ocean State team a call!

Ocean State services the First Coast from Fernandina to St. Augustine and Yulee to Orange Park. Our team of NATE-certified technicians is available 24/7 so contact us to schedule an appointment today and we’ll get to work! Additionally, flex ductwork checks are available as part of our maintenance plans so our team will be able to ensure everything is air-tight when we arrive for our twice-yearly appointments!

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