Your Evaporator Coil
What’s So Important About My Evaporator Coil, Anyway?

August 25, 2017

Most Atlantic Beach, Florida, homeowners rely heavily on their air conditioning systems for cool comfort. However, many are unaware of exactly how an AC system does its job. The evaporator coil is critical for efficient cooling, and it requires regular care to stay functional. Make sure you’re doing all that you should to keep your evaporator coil in shape.

What it Does

The evaporator coil is an essential part of your air conditioner. The refrigerant passes through the coil while the air handler blows air over it. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air, effectively cooling it before it returns to your home. As the refrigerant gets hotter, it changes from a liquid to a gas. The gas then moves on to the condenser coils where the heat is released and the refrigerant becomes a liquid once again.

Common Hazards

Air must blow over the evaporator coil for it to do its job. Unfortunately, this air also comes with all the pollutants that may linger in your home, such as dust, dirt, pollen, and dander. These can collect on the evaporator coil, forming a buildup. Dirty coils have trouble absorbing heat. If you neglect your evaporator coil, your system will work harder than it needs to, and your utility bills will rise as a result.

Proper Care

Though you don’t see your evaporator on a daily basis, you certainly feel its effects. If you neglect your evaporator coil, you may notice your system running longer and delivering less cooling than it once did. To keep your evaporator coil in top condition, you should schedule a maintenance visit for your air conditioner once a year. The best time to do this is at the beginning of the cooling season, in early spring.

If you’re overdue for your annual maintenance visit, give Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating a call at, (904) 574-5619. We’ll make sure your evaporator coil is clean and cared for along with all the other essential components in your air conditioner.

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