Why Isn't My HVAC System Heating The Entire House?
Why Isn’t My HVAC System Heating The Entire House?

January 2, 2024

There are few things more frustrating than a malfunctioning HVAC system in Jacksonville during the dead of winter. One of the more common problems we’ve seen during the winter is that HVAC systems are adequately heating one room while leaving others chilly and uncomfortable. It can get surprisingly cold on the First Coast so if your HVAC system isn’t heating the entire house then it’s a recipe for discomfort.

If your HVAC system is functioning properly then you shouldn’t be cozy and comfortable in one room only to feel a chill when you enter another. Don’t worry, you don’t have a ghost problem, and the culprit is likely one of the reasons we’ve identified throughout this blog. We’ve identified several of the issues for why your HVAC system in Jacksonville is failing to heat your entire house and offered several explanations and potential DIY solutions that will help you solve the problem.

Reset Your Circuit Breaker

This is usually the go-to suggestion from your significant other that can elicit an eye-roll but in this case, it just might be the solution. In the case of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, a reset can either fix or help you identify the issue. If the problem persists after a circuit breaker reset then you’ll need to call the Jacksonville HVAC technicians at Ocean State for an appointment to diagnose the problem.

Clean Clogged Air Ducts

Your air ducts distribute heat all throughout your house and a leak or obstruction may be the reason your house isn’t fully heating up. The Ocean State team uses a patented Abatement System that uses an advanced, high-pressure push/pull HEPA method to clean the walls of your duct without getting any of the contaminants into the living area of your home. Regular ductwork ensures unobstructed airflow in your home and we’re currently offering a winter special of $150 off duct cleaning! In addition to improving your home’s airflow, ductwork makes your air cleaner and also saves you money on energy bills!

Your HVAC System Needs Maintenance

Look, we know that most people don’t think about their HVAC system until problems arise. Our maintenance plans allow for twice-annual visits to check on the health of your system and stave off any small issues before they become BIG problems. If your HVAC system is failing to heat your entire home then it’s likely due to an underlying system issue that our NATE-certified technicians will be able to identify and repair–often in a single visit!

Check Low or Leaking Refrigerant

Low refrigerant levels can often be the cause of your HVAC compressor breaking down entirely which is a costly repair. Having an experienced HVAC professional to your house to add refrigerant to your system will reignite it to help distribute heat throughout your home. This is NOT something you should do on your own and our HVAC technicians can spot a leaky or low refrigerant issue from a mile away and immediately fix the problem.

Your Thermostat Might Be Malfunctioning

If your thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly then it can cause heat to be incorrectly distributed throughout your home. Oftentimes, this problem manifests itself when one room is noticeably MUCH hotter than the others. These disconnections between your thermostat and your furnace/system are easy to identify and most importantly, relatively simple to fix. It might be as simple as reprogramming your thermostat or could require a thermostat repair but either way, your heat should be redistributed properly in no time by our HVAC professionals!

If your HVAC system isn’t heating your entire house then give us a call at Ocean State. Our team is available 24/7 to identify and repair the issues so that you don’t have to worry about one room being an inferno and the other being an icebox. We’ve been this community’s choice of Jacksonville HVAC technicians since 1975 and we’ve never seen a system problem we couldn’t handle!


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