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3 Sneaky Ways Allergens Get Inside Your Home

October 19, 2016

You don’t leave the windows open in the middle of the allergy season in Neptune Beach, Florida, and you’re diligent about using your allergy medication. Yet, allergens somehow make it inside your home, because your symptoms persist. Allergens sneak into your home via hair and clothing, negatively affecting your indoor air quality (IAQ), and making you uncomfortable!

On the Soles of Shoes

One of the most obvious ways allergens enter your home is via your shoes. You walk around outside and in other buildings all day, picking up the particulates on the bottoms of your shoes. To avoid spreading these allergens through the rest of your home, you can designate a spot right inside your front door where everyone removes their shoes.

On Your Pets

Your pet’s coat can collect a lot of pollen. After playing outdoors, your furry family member can deposit particles on your carpet, rugs, bedding, and upholstery. Next time you use those items, you come in contact with pollen and allergens. Monitor high pollen days, and give your pet a thorough brushing as soon as they go back indoors. Keep your pet out of certain rooms, like the bedroom. If you have to, put a washable or plastic covering on your couch during allergy season, and vacuum the rug often.

In Your Hair

Like your pet’s fur, your hair can also collect pollen quite fast. Keep it tied back on high pollen days, or wear a hat or scarf to cover your head. Take a shower and wash your hair when you get home to get rid of the pollen. Otherwise, you’ll end up transferring pollen-filled hair to your sofa or pillow. The pollen will collect on your pillowcase and potentially give you allergy flare-ups all night.

Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating can provide many IAQ solutions that will help eliminate allergens from inside your home. We’re happy to recommend filters, air purifiers, and UV lights that will help your HVAC system circulate clean air and get rid of harmful particulates. Call us today at (904) 574-5619 for more information.

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