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Allergy Season in Jacksonville Prompts Interest in Home Air Purifiers

March 15, 2015

Allergy season affects millions across the country, including thousands across the Jacksonville area. In fact, allergy triggers followed by watery eyes and stuffy noses exist year-round for many. If you dread suffering through another allergy season, seek relief like so many others from a high quality home air purifier.

Allergy Triggers

The average home harbors many allergy triggers. In the humid region of Jacksonville, mold and mildew are always potentially harmful contaminants that can grow on walls, behind paint and wallpaper, on HVAC components, in closets and more. Dust mites are an issue as well, particularly when humidity remains above 50 percent. Many homeowners have pets, which means pet dander is drifting through the home. With the arrival of spring, pollen from trees, flowers and other vegetation will be on the radar screen for many folks.

High Quality Air purifier

Air purifier are available as portable or whole-house models. Air cleaners use different methods for capturing or destroying airborne contaminants. Some air purifiers focus on particles, while others may go after microorganisms. Whole-house air cleaners are the most effective. They’re installed inside the ductwork and purify airflow as it’s pulled through the return ducts.

Following are commonly used air purifiers:

  • Ultraviolet (UV) light systems disinfect indoor air by using short-wavelength UV light to destroy microorganisms, such as mold, germs and bacteria. UV lights operate silently and are completely safe for humans and pets.
  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the best of the best for capturing airborne particles. HEPA air purifiers capture pollen, mold, pesticides, aerosols, sneeze droplets and 99.97 percent of particles to 0.3 microns in size.
  • Electronic air purifiers trap airborne contaminants by attraction using electrically-charged plates. Contaminants are given an electrical charge, and then stick to the plates. The plates should be cleaned each season, and may last years with proper care.

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