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3 Warning Signs That a Duct Cleaning Is Necessary

June 15, 2015

Your ducts perform an important job, carrying air from your central air system to all the living areas in your home. That means that if there’s a problem in your ductwork, it has the potential to affect the air quality everywhere in your house. But for many homeowners, ductwork is out of sight and out of mind. So how can you tell if you need a duct cleaning? These three signs may show that you’re overdue.

Mold in Visible Parts of Your Ductwork

Humid air that enters your ducts and leaves condensation behind can provide a breeding ground for mold, mildew, fungus and other organisms. These contaminants can then blow into your air and cause illness when inhaled. So if you see signs of mold growth or detect a musty scent in the air coming from your ducts, take note. You may need a whole-house humidity control system in addition to cleaning your ducts.

Signs of Insects or Rodents

Insect debris and rodent droppings are both common allergens, and the noise of mice in the ducts can drive anyone to distraction. A rodent infestation can also point to structural damage in the ductwork, through which you may be losing a lot of conditioned air.

Visible Dust Coming From Your Vents

While airflow from your vents can naturally stir up some dust – though cleaning your home once a week can help prevent that – if you see an excessive amount of dust coming from inside your ductwork, it’s a good sign you’ve got dust buildup. That not only means that more dust is being introduced into your breathable air, but could also point to obstructions in the ductwork itself.

A professional duct cleaning is one way to maintain the health of your Jacksonville home. For more information on how duct cleaning can help you breathe easier, check out Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating’s duct cleaning resources, or call (904) 574-5619!


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