Springtime Comfort
5 Keys to Spring Comfort

May 30, 2017

For most people in Jacksonville, Florida, springtime is the most comfortable time of the year, both inside and outside your home. It’s the time when it’s usually not too hot or too cold, but just right. So, what’s still getting in the way of your comfort? While nature may make the outdoor temperatures just about perfect for you, you’ll have to put some effort into maintaining perfect comfort in your home. Take control of your spring comfort by turning your home into a healthy and efficient sanctuary. Here are five keys to your spring comfort.

Fight Off Allergies

Mother Nature may provide wonderful temperatures, but she also gives us the often frustrating gift of pollen. With spring comes a wave of allergies that you didn’t have to deal with during the winter months. And who can be comfortable while their nose is raw and they’ve run out of tissues? It may be difficult to keep allergens out of your home completely, but you can start by placing a doormat just inside your door where family and guests can remove their shoes before they track in particles from outside. If you’re especially susceptible to allergies, consider installing a whole-home air purifier to catch allergens as they travel with your airflow.

If you’re already allergic to your pet’s dander, you’ll want to avoid excessive snuggling with your dog or cat during the spring. In addition to the dander that’s already an allergy issue, pets that spend lots of time outside will bring in pollen and other particles in their fur. Clean your pets often and keep them out of your bedroom and off furniture.

Let in Fresh Air

Just as water becomes stagnant when left too long with nowhere to go, air can also become stale and unhealthy. During the winter, you likely rarely opened the windows or doors to let in some fresh air, which means that the air in your home is due for some recycling. Get your air moving by opening windows during the times of day when the weather couldn’t get any better. However, if you’re susceptible to allergies, don’t leave those windows open too long, or buy a tightly woven screen that can keep particles out.

Avoid Household Products With Dangerous Chemicals

Many of the popular household cleaners and air fresheners come with a dangerous secret: while they will certainly take the dust off your bookshelves and make your home smell fresh, the particles they introduce to the air can be unhealthy and lead to discomfort and illness. Under the guise of “Fragrances” on the “Ingredients” label on commercial household products, petroleum-based chemicals will do more harm to your health and comfort than good.

Instead of resorting to these commercial products, consider using organic means and products that don’t contain artificial fragrances. When it comes to cleaning, warm water and soap will generally do the trick. Throw in some baking soda to scrub out those especially stubborn stains.

Change Thermostat Programming

If you have a programmable thermostat (and if you don’t, you really should consider getting one), remember to change your settings to adjust for the warmer weather. Programmable thermostats properly adjusted for the season not only do an excellent job at maintaining comfort, but they also reduce strain on the system by limiting energy waste while you’re away from home (that is, if you’ve programmed the thermostat to do so). And a more efficient HVAC system ensures reliable comfort throughout the season.

Spring HVAC Maintenance

Speaking of your HVAC system, while you’re completing spring cleaning around the rest of your house, don’t forget to add your air conditioner and furnace to the to-do list. Spring is the perfect time to schedule HVAC maintenance that will clean and tune up the system after a long winter as well as prepare it for a hot summer. Regular HVAC maintenance prevents issues that can otherwise reduce your comfort.

These five keys will ensure that you are comfortable now and throughout the rest of the coming year. To get a professional hand in bringing spring comfort to your home, call Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating at (904) 574-5619.

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