4 Common Spring and Summer AC Problems

June 20, 2019

Your AC system gets significant use in the spring and summer months in your Saint Augustine, Florida, home. Be aware of these four common warm-weather problems that may require servicing as soon as possible:

Lack of Cool Air

A clogged air filter usually causes this common problem. Check your air filter each month and replace it when it’s visibly dirty. A clogged air filter can cause your air conditioning unit to work harder. As a result, it can drive up energy bills and increase the risk of breakdowns.

A refrigerant leak can cause limited cooling even when your system is running. We can repair any leaks and top of your system’s refrigerant.

Malfunctioning Compressor or Fan

In older systems, these crucial components can stop running after too much wear and tear. If your AC cycles on and off frequently, it could limit the life of your system. Corroded or damaged wires can also lead to fan and compressor issues. Our certified service technicians can check these components and replace or repair any parts as needed.

Restricted Airflow

Is your system running but no air seems to be coming out of the vents? Your ducts or air filter could be clogged. A filter is easy to remove and change on your own. But you should always leave duct cleaning and repair to a professional. A clog can cause your AC system to burn out long before its expected lifespan. Therefore, it’s important to get this issue checked out as soon as possible.

Moisture Around the Condenser

If you notice moisture accumulating around the outdoor unit of your system, it could be because of a leak. It can also be a blockage in the drain line. Our team can check your system to repair leaks or clear blockages that can lead to ongoing issues with your home’s AC operation.

For 24/7 emergency AC service, trust the team at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating. Call (904) 574-5619 to schedule routine or emergency service so you and your family can stay cool all summer long.

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