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Healthy Home Ventilation – Tips for St. Augustine Residents

January 15, 2015

Proper ventilation is an important part of an energy efficient home. Many in our area are designed to take advantage of the natural Atlantic breezes for natural ventilation, while others require the installation of mechanical home ventilation.

There are several things you can do to make your home more efficient with better ventilation, allowing you to cut down on A/C use. Most importantly, remember that making your home more energy efficient doesn’t necessarily require great expense.

Tips for a Worthwhile Home Ventilation Strategy

  • If building a new home, have windows and doors designed to maximize fresh air for natural ventilation. Skylights can be part of this strategy by making sure they open and are screened.
  • Install windows that can be easily opened.
  • Install a kitchen range hood and a bathroom exhaust fan. There’s no sense exhausting moisture to the attic, where it can create mold. Make sure moisture and odors are exhausted outdoors.
  • Exhaust the dryer to the outdoors.
  • Install ceiling fans. In the summer, these help circulate cool air from the air conditioning, making the home’s occupants feel cooler. In the winter, they can be reversed so that warm air circulates better.
  • Install a whole-house fan, which is usually installed in the ceiling between the home’s living space and the attic. In warmer weather, you can open the windows and the fan will draw in fresh air from the outdoors and exhaust warm air outside, reducing the need for the air conditioning.

For more information on home ventilation and energy efficiency, contact the experts at Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating. We proudly serve homeowners in St. Augustine and the surrounding area.

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