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How Cleaning Your Ducts Will Improve Heating Efficiency

November 29, 2015

Why will cleaning your Jacksonville, FL home’s air ducts keep you warm in the winter? The answer is simple: improved efficiency. Cleaning your ducts can make your HVAC system substantially more efficient, which means your heating system won’t have to work as hard to provide comfortable temperatures. This increased efficiency will translate to reduced energy consumption and more saving.

The indoor quality of your home doesn’t just affect your health. In the average home, contaminants move through your ducts five to seven times every day, leading to them eventually building up within the ducts instead and reducing airflow.

Getting Ducts Cleaned Saves You Money

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an average heating and cooling system picked from any home is only 60-75 percent efficient, meaning that 25-40 percent of the energy you pay for does nothing. Even with filters, a dirty HVAC system is one of the main reasons this happens. Even if you have a very clean home, dust from tile and stonework from remodeling projects can make ducts dirty as well.

Checking Whether Your Ducts Should Be Cleaned

Look inside your ducts if possible, and if you see dust, cobwebs, debris, mold, or large particles in the beam of a flashlight, your ducts could use some work. Your HVAC technician will be better able to tell you if your ducts need to be cleaned, and can do so during a routine maintenance call. Fiberglass ducts collect debris more than sheet metal, so if your ducts are fiberglass, take that into account as well.

Professional Duct Cleaning

You can make your home more comfortable while saving energy and money. Contact the professionals at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating today at (904) 574-5619 for professional and reliable duct cleaning services. Our technicians are skilled in the repair, servicing, and installation of duct systems. Schedule an appointment so you can start to see reduced energy costs, better air quality, and longer system life.

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