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Landscaping Around Your AC Unit

August 10, 2015

You want your home and yard looking their best at all times. This extends to the placement of your AC unit and the area around it. For many homeowners this is a challenge. However, it is possible to use creative landscaping to conceal the outdoor portion of your AC system, and in such a way to even help it to operate more efficiently.

Consider Clearance First

The outdoor portion of your home’s air conditioner requires a free flow of air in order to run efficiently. Lack of space will cause the equipment to overheat which leads to increased operating costs and breakdowns. There should be at least two feet of clearance on all sides. Any tree or plants that arch or grow above the unit should not come within 5 feet of the top of the unit. Be sure to keep the unit free of debris such as leaves, grass and twigs.

Keep Access in Mind

When deciding where to place the unit, as well as what kind of landscaping to place around the unit, you should always consider access. Whether it’s regular maintenance or routine repair work, your HVAC technician will need to be able to have easy access to the unit. A qualified HVAC company will be sure to take this into consideration upon installation.

Surrounding the Unit

Once you have the clearances and access figured out, you will need to decide what kinds of plants are best. Ideally, you should choose plants that don’t lose their leaves, especially during the fall or winter months. This is important in preventing debris from damaging the unit. Hedge plants are a common choice as they are easy to maintain and keep in shape.

Lattice panels are another good option if your desire is to block the unit from view. Climbing vines can grow on the panels for a simple appearance that further enhances the view of the area. Such an arrangement can also provide shade for the AC unit, further enhancing system efficiency.

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