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What’s Included on a Professional A/C Maintenance Checklist?

July 30, 2014

Proper care of your air conditioner is vital for ensuring you have that cool and comfortable home to retreat to every summer. Changing the air filter frequently is one of the most important things you should do to help maximize system efficiency, but some things need to be taken care of by a reliable HVAC contractor. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) advises scheduling annual professional A/C maintenance appointments to promote optimal performance and to keep your energy use to a minimum. Learn more about getting an A/C tuneup, and find out what to expect during your service call.

Professional A/C Maintenance: What to Expect

The following is typically performed during an A/C tune-up:

  1. System controls: All controls are inspected to make sure they work correctly and safely. Your contractor will also ensure the A/C’s operating cycle is functioning (starts, runs and turns off) as intended.
  2. Thermostat settings: The cooling schedule on the thermostat is looked at to be sure it’s programmed to keep your home comfortable while you’re there, and that it goes into energy-savings mode while you’re away or asleep.
  3. Refrigerant levels: The refrigerant level is checked and adjusted, if necessary, as too much or too little has a direct effect on your energy consumption.
  4. Moving parts: To prevent friction, which increases energy use, every moving part is lubricated.
  5. Evaporator and condenser A/C coils: Any gunk that’s collected on coils will be cleaned up to avoid the added strain caused by such a buildup.
  6. Condensate drain: The drain is checked for any obstructions to prevent water damage and unhealthy humidity levels.
  7. Blower components: To encourage effective airflow, the blower components are cleaned and adjusted, as needed. Your A/C’s efficiency may be lowered by as much as 15 percent when airflow is restricted.
  8. Electrical connections: The HVAC contractor will tighten up all electrical connections. The voltage and current on the motors is also measured. Inspecting electrical components is meant to promote safe and proper operation.

For more information, or to schedule professional A/C maintenance in your Jacksonville area home, feel free to contact us at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating anytime.

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