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Simple Tips to Lower Jacksonville Utility Bills

February 15, 2015

Ocean State Air Conditioning and HeatingOur Jacksonville winters are mild, but that’s no reason not to address those energy wasters in your home. Look around — you’re bound to find any number of places where you could lower utility bills. In case you can’t find any, we’ll help by pointing out a few things you may not have noticed.

Obstructing Vents

Are your vents and registers free of obstacles and obstructions? Don’t cover them up with furniture, drapes or curtains, no matter how ugly you think they are. Your system needs a free flow of air both with intake and supply to do its job efficiently. It also doesn’t hurt to vacuum the intake grille now and then to make sure it’s free of dirt, dust bunnies or pet hair.

What’s more, you should never shut off vents in rooms to try to make them cooler or warmer. This can put a strain on your system.

Thermostat Misreading

Your thermostat may be misreading the actual temperature in the home if it’s in the line of direct sunlight, or another heat-giving source such as a sunlamp. Make sure the thermostat is away from direct sunlight or other heat-producing sources, so that it comes on when it’s supposed to.

Right Air Filter

Make sure your air filter is the right size and fit, and that it is installed correctly. While a lower quality fiberglass air filter won’t hurt your system, it will need changing more often than a better quality, pleated filter of polyester or cotton fiber. What’s more, the poor quality filter won’t do a thing for your air quality, while with a better filter, your home’s air will be cleaner.  But don’t go overboard — filters that are too efficient can actually reduce air flow and cause your HVAC system to work harder or to malfunction. Use a filter rated MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value, an industry measurement for filter efficiency) from 8 to 12.

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