3 Strange Furnace Noises and Their Causes
3 Strange Furnace Noises and Their Causes

January 11, 2023

Returning to a comfortable, peaceful home is everybody’s dream, especially after a stressful day at work. However, sometimes your heating system could be the leading cause of your discomfort. If your furnace makes noises when in use, here’s what it means:

Banging or Booming Noise

A banging or booming noise is an indication that something could be wrong with your home’s air ducts. If you’re using a furnace that’s too big for the ducts, or if there’s clogging in your filter, air pressure will build up to a point where they expand and contract. This will cause the metal to pop, producing the banging and booming noises you hear.

Banging or booming noises could also come from the furnace itself. This results from faultiness or when there’s a poor ratio of gas and air (either there’s too much air or gas).

Buzzing or Humming Noise

When the humming or buzzing sound becomes too loud, either the electrical components that power the blower fan are faulty or the blower fan motor has reached its life’s limit. If the sound is loud during startup, then the problem is with the electrical components. On the other hand, if the noise is loud while it’s running, the problem is with the motor.

Whistling Noise

If your unit produces a whistling noise, first find out exactly where it’s coming from. You may find that some rooms are OK, while others have a problem. In such instances, the duct serving the rooms with whistling sounds could be leaking air or there may be a blockage. The noise could also be coming from the furnace itself when there’s a problem with the blower.

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