Sleep Better
A Detailed Guide to Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

February 22, 2019

Are you not getting the quality sleep you need in your Neptune Beach, Florida, home? Do you wake up repeatedly or toss and turn trying to get comfortable? While you’re likely to think your lack of sleep is a problem with your mattress, it could also be due to another concern: your HVAC system. Get the best sleep of your life by following these simple HVAC tips:

Lower Your Thermostat at Night

When your body begins to relax, its temperature will naturally drop. This is why it can sometimes be difficult to relax and fall asleep when your body is too hot. Just be sure that when you’re lowering the temperature, you don’t make it so cold that it feels uncomfortable. Consider keeping your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees, which is cool enough to let you relax without feeling too cold.

Balance the Humidity

Keeping a balanced humidity is also crucial to creating a sleeping environment that promotes rest and relaxation. When the humidity levels are high in the room, the air can feel thick, making it harder to breathe. Difficulty breathing and quick short breaths can make it hard for your body to fully relax to a state where you can get deep sleep. The only solution is to make sure the humidity in your room is between 40 and 50 percent. Monitor the levels of humidity by keeping a digital hygrometer in your bedroom. Install a dehumidifier to get rid of humid air in your home.

Create a Little Breeze

Creating a breeze around your body when you sleep can help you relax. It can also block out slight noises that can interrupt your sleep. Use a fan in your room to create this breeze. A fan will circulate the air so it doesn’t become stagnant and disturb your breathing during sleep. Many people also find that the noise generated from the fan can be incredibly soothing and often helps aid in lulling them to sleep.

Invest in a Multi-Zone System

A multi-zone system can be the perfect solution for maintaining the proper sleeping temperature in your room while keeping the rest of the home comfortable for those who are awake and still active. The system utilizes indoor units that can be individually set to the desired temperature. This allows you to customize the temperature in each room in your home while still saving on your energy usage.

Another benefit of a multi-zone system is that you’ll be able to keep your sleeping area cool but the rest of your home can be set to warmer temperatures. As a result, you don’t have to endure a chill when you wake up and wait for the temperature to rise.

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality is a problem that many homeowners don’t even think about. That’s despite the fact it can cause problems such as increased illness, exacerbation of allergy symptoms and poor quality sleep. You can improve the indoor air quality of your home by:

  • Changing your filters regularly
  • Having your HVAC system regularly maintained
  • Keeping your home clean
  • Investing in duct cleaning services

With better indoor air quality, you’ll breathe cleaner air. As a result, your respiratory system will function better, allowing you to get the proper rest you need.

Don’t let poor sleep keep you from enjoying the normal activities of your day. Follow the HVAC tips above to help you improve the quality of your sleep and allow you to better tackle your day. Want to schedule your HVAC maintenance? Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating at (904) 574-5619 today.

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