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What Does NATE Certification Mean for Jacksonville Homeowners?

October 27, 2014

When you need an HVAC technician in Jacksonville, whether you’re getting annual maintenance or handling an emergency, you need the job done right. But if you don’t have an established relationship with a technician, it can be hard to tell if they will be able to give you the service you need. Luckily, there’s one way you can tell: If your technician has received certification by North American Technician Excellence (NATE), you have a technician who can do the job right. So what does NATE certification mean?

Superior Installation and Maintenance

Getting NATE certified takes a lot of time and work for an HVAC technician. NATE is a national certification program with specialized tests to prove a technician’s ability. One thing that sets NATE apart from other, less reputable certifications, is the pass rate. NATE certification tests have some of the lowest pass rates of all HVAC certification tests, proving that it takes real knowledge and ability to get certified.

But how does that translate to you? Superior installation and maintenance. NATE-certified technicians get the job done right the first time, which saves you time and money. Properly installed and maintained HVAC appliances run more efficiently, saving you on utility bills, extending their service life, and helping you avoid emergency situations.

You’ll also have greater peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to call back or make returns. When you choose a technician with NATE certification, you save a lot more than money.

How to Choose NATE

Choosing a NATE-certified technician is easier than it seems. Whenever you’re hiring an HVAC technician, it’s important to ask what certifications and qualifications he has. Furthermore, ask what those certifications mean. Your HVAC technician should be able to do more than work on your heating and cooling systems. He (or she) should be able to give you advice and help you rest assured that the work will be done right the first time.

If you’re considering a contractor, see if they are recommended by NATE. This means that over 50 percent of the technicians the contractor employs have NATE certification, so getting an expert is as easy as just asking for one. Even if the contractor you’re working with isn’t certified by NATE, you can still ask if they have any NATE-certified contractors. There’s no harm in asking, and you might be surprised.

NATE Specializations

However, just because a technician is NATE certified doesn’t mean he’s necessarily qualified to do a specific job. NATE tests come in a variety of specializations, many of which require years of study before attempting the test. NATE certification doesn’t require having had any particular schooling or work training, but it is highly recommended due to the difficult nature of the tests.

Specialties include everything from air conditioning and gas furnaces to commercial refrigeration and senior HVAC efficiency analyst. Go ahead and ask your technician what NATE specializations he or she has, and how that expertise can benefit you.

Industry Recognized and Third-Party

Probably the most that can be said about NATE is that it is the certification test that is most recognized in the industry; it boasts over 30,000 technicians in the U.S. It is third-party, meaning it has no bias, beyond helping you get the service you need.

And NATE-certified technicians do result in satisfied customers. In fact, surveys show that people vastly prefer NATE-certified technicians over technicians without NATE certification. They are more satisfied with their contractor, more likely to select the same contractor again, and most importantly, more satisfied with their HVAC system and feel that it runs better.

In the end, you’re getting a lot more than a technician when you choose NATE. You end up getting a system that runs better, lasts longer, and gives you peace of mind. So if you’re looking for NATE-certified technicians in Jacksonville, make sure to contact us at Ocean State Air Conditioning & Heating. We opened our doors back in 1975 and have been providing Jacksonville with the best possible service ever since.

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