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The Power and Performance of Evaporator and Fan Coils

April 12, 2015

The evaporator and fan coils inside air conditioners and heat pumps perform the central function of these systems by transferring heat. Both types of coils pull the heat from the indoor air and send it out to the outdoor condenser, where it circulates through the condensing coil for heat dissipation. If you use a heat pump, the fan coil inside it contains the refrigerant as well as a supplemental heating element for use in the winter.

Maintenance Is Crucial

Regardless of the type of coil your system uses, both need attention to perform at their best. A new cooling system or heat pump’s coils will be spotlessly clean, making the heat transfer process faster. Keeping the coil as clean as possible over the HVAC system’s long life is an essential part of system maintenance that will keep your equipment running more efficiently and durably.

What to Do

A clean air filter traps the dust in the air that would otherwise coat the evaporator and fan coils, reducing their performance. Dust acts like insulation over the coils and when they’re covered, not as much heat transfer can take place, slowing the cooling of your home. If you use a heat pump in the winter, dust over the coil also compromises its heating performance.

Because humidity is so high in this region, mold and bacterial films can also grow over the coil. When the cooling system runs, water vapor in the air condenses on the coils, providing an ideal environment for biological growth. Keeping indoor humidity below 50 percent helps discourage excessive biological growth on the coil.

Coil cleaning needs to be part of professional annual maintenance to remove the dust and any biofilm growth. If the coil is covered, energy efficiency drops and the coil can freeze over. If your system doesn’t turn off when the coil freezes, it may burn up the compressor, your system’s most expensive part.

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